Licences / Copyrights

What am I actually allowed to do with the images I have bought?

Basically, a distinction is made between three different categories:

1. Private Use
2. Editorial Use
3. Commercial Use

This page is intended to give you a brief overview of what you are allowed to do with the images you have purchased. If you have any questions, please feel free to send us a message via the contact form.

Private Use

The private use is the standard version of the rights you get, when you purchase photos through our website.
A photo you buy between 1 and 5 Euro surely only contains the rights for the personal and private use of a photo and no additional rights, which allows you to do with our pictures:

  • store, copy and archive the photos on your own personal media (hard disk, cd, dvd, usb-stick, etc.
  • print our photos as often as you like for the private use in a photo laboratory and equal services
  • Any publication of our photos require our permission in written form. Please contact us before you publish a photo of us
  • The only exception: The depicted athlete(s) and their relatives may use individual photos for their own social media profile, etc., for private purposes online and offline, provided that the copyright holder is mentioned.

What is basically NOT permitted:

  • The giveaway of our photos to other people
  • The passing on of images for editorial use. This is subject to a fee to us. We must be informed in advance of any planned publication for the purpose of consultation.
  • any commercial use of our photos
  • making profit with our photos, like re-selling etc.
  • Any publication and dissemination of photos in forums, on external websites, networks or similar without the prior written consent of the author.

Editorial Use

Editorial Use of our work is basically permitted.
If you want to use our photos in your media you can buy these rights for publication reasons through our Shop.

You automatically agree with the following rules:

  • An editorial Licence includes the rights to use the individual image within all journalistic media, which means particularly daily and weekly newspapers, club magazines, professional magazines, journalistic blogs and websites - also all kind of media which works in a journalistic context.
  • Our credits ( should be mentioned close to the photo or on the same page as it was published.
  • We need two voucher copies sent via postal services OR as alternative one voucher copy as PDF file by email

All rights are reserved. We basically keep the rights to forbid the publication of our images, especially in cases, when we think the purchased photos don't fit into the context of the journalistic content or which shows our photos in a wrong context.
One example: A published photo purchased from us showing a female Triathlete in a Swimsuit within an article featuring erotic content. In particular that case (context: sport) the photo does not fit to the content of the article (erotics).

Commercial Use
The commercial use of our photos, that includes the use of our photos in advertisements (banner ads, posters, as presentation on websites of companies, TV shows, advertisements, catalogues, etc.) is basically not permitted, because in that case we have to make an individual and special agreement with the shown person on the photo, that usually also includes an extra payment and the written permission of the shown person.
In some cases the commercial use of a photo is possible, but only when we can get the explicit written permission of the person which appears on the photo.
If you want to use one or more images in a commercial way, please contact us in written form, so we can discuss all details about it.