About Sportfotos-Berlin

The project Sportfotos-Berlin was founded in 2007 by two independent photographers. Until today it has not changed.

The original idea was to visit professional youth sports events by invitation to produce high quality images from these events for organizers, clubs and parents and also to support the youth sport in germany in general. Within a short period of time we received a lot of inquiries from various clubs to shoot their events. That is when we began to photograph many sporting events, especially Marathons and Triathlons. Another main focus we have is photographing gymnastics and related sports (rhythmic gymnastics, acrobatics, etc.) and diving as well. We have worked hard at photographing these events for over 5 years. We are able to capture the athletes during their exercises on any level of difficulty in all age classes. Even under the most challenging of lighting conditions. We also have much experience in shooting other sports like Football (Soccer), Judo, Swimming, Karate and others...

We have also covered big events, like large gymnastic festivals with many thousand participants. We have also worked as press and event photographers documenting important conferences with important personalities like politicians and officials, concerts, parties and even bigger and smaller events on stages. We also delivered photos from various events (like Medieval Age Festivals) for the reason of documentation and presentation. We also produced photos flyers and other advertisement or made photos for professional Sport Magazines.

To make it short:
When it's about photos, you have found a qualified and reliable partner.