Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find an overview of frequently asked questions.

What is: Digital Image (JPG)?

If you order digital images as JPG, you will NOT receive a print of the images on paper, but a file in JPG image format either via download link or email. You cannot purchase images in print format via our website.
However, you can print the image files on a photo printer at your own expense at any time or have them printed at your own expense, e.g. in appropriate shops or at picture services on the Internet.

Please make sure that you order the pictures in the correct size. For prints in 10x15cm the small resolution is sufficient. However, if you want to print pictures in the format 20x30cm (corresponds to about DIN A 4), you will need the pictures in the higher resolution.

Approval of your Orders

Occasionally in the past we have filled orders for customers that have gone unpaid. We were unable to reach anyone by mail or any other method. Since then we have decided to approve orders only after we received full payment. If an order is not paid, it will not get approved.

In most cases we will try to contact you after one or two weeks with a reminder asking if you are still interested in your order. When we receive no reaction, we usually cancel the order without any further comment. It has the advantage for us, that we don't need a costly and time intensive reminder mechanism. For you, as the customer, it has the advantage that you will not have to pay when you have decided that you have no further interest in your order.

I haven't received the download link to my paid order!

When you have purchased digital images, you will receive a download link from us after your order was paid and approved. Depending on the processing time of all involved financial institutions, it might take one to three business days (international orders might take a couple of more days). If you ordered via Mollie or by credit cards, the Approval of your order should happen automatically within a few minutes. You will then receive the download link from our website and you can download your photos immediately. The only exception is if you purchase a photo set! We will have to create the set manually for you and send you the download link via email, usually within 24 hours, most of the time even faster.

If you have NOT received your download link, please check your mailbox first! In some cases, our mail could be sorted into your Spam folder in your inbox or at the mailbox of your mail provider. In most cases you will find our message there, because your mail provider filtered the mail as "Spam".

Other regular problem: Your mailbox is full and cannot keep new messages. In such cases we receive an error message that our mails were not delivered because the mailbox of the customer is full. If that happens, please get in contact with us as soon as you notice it, because we cannot send you any mails! We surely will send you the download manually again after you emptied your mailbox...

Please don't wait 4 to 6 weeks or even longer before you get in contact with us when you haven't received our mails. We want, that our customers are satisfied with our services, so we give our best to deliver your order as fast as possible.
You can be for sure, that an order will be approved for download or delivered within 24 hours (most of the time even faster) after we received your payment. Even if you plan 4 to 5 days for the processing time of the bank, you should get your order after 7 days after you made your payment! If that's not the fact, then something definitely went wrong and we will fix the problems as soon as took notice about it.

Mollie and Credit Card-Orders will be approved immediately and automatically after we received the payment!

How long do I have to wait until I get my order?

If you paid your digital images by Mollie or credit card, you can download them directly after we received your payment, usually within a few minutes - so you don't have to wait at all, except you ordered a photo set. Photo Sets have to be created manually by us, in most cases you receive your download link within 24 hours. In rare cases it can take some more time, especially when we are away shooting an event.
If you ordered and pay by bank transfer it might take some more time, because we have to wait until we received your payment on our bank account before we can approve your order. This is a necessary step to avoid cost- and time intensive reminders.

How much time does it take until photos of an event are online?

On our websites you will only find pictures that have also been digitally processed. This means that after a large event we always check all the pictures and remove, for example, blurred or unflattering pictures. Afterwards, the pictures are usually sorted by participants and digitally post-processed. In this way, we can guarantee that our image recordings are always of a good and high quality.
As we are a small company and cannot hire external staff, the processing of individual events can take several weeks. This also depends on how many events we photograph directly afterwards.
However, we try to get the work done as quickly as possible.

When or how can we reach you best?

The best and easiest way to reach us is by email, which is usually answered within 24 hours, even at weekends. We are a small company and therefore cannot offer a corresponding telephone service. We are often on the road and therefore cannot be reached quickly by phone. If we are working at events lasting several days, the response to enquiries can occasionally take longer.

Do you offer jobs for trainees or students?

Unfortunately not. We don't own an office or a photo studio since we work from home.