Junior Team Cup 2024

Notizie della 13.04.2024
Junior Team Cup 2024: Work in Progress
Junior Team Cup 2024: Work in Progress

Last weekend, we once again took photos at the International Junior Team Cup 2024 in Berlin. We have already started sorting the raw images and assigning them to the individual participants.

Unfortunately, there is no automatic process for editing the photos; each individual photo is processed manually.

As always, it will take some time until all the photos have been processed by us.

We therefore ask for your patience, it will be worth it in any case. In addition to the individual photos, there will of course also be individualized photo sets.

UPDATE 2024-03-28 / 10:04 pm:

The first photos of the competition are online!

* all General Photos
* all Teamphotos
* all Medal Ceremonies
* Teams: USA

In processing: Photos of all other teams.

UPDATE 2024-04-04 / 10:16 pm:

Further teams will be imported overnight:

* Bavaria
* Berlin
* Brazil
* Chemnitz and Halle
* Cottbus
* Team Germany
* France
* Great Britain

UPDATE 2024-04-09 / 11:32 pm:

Let's continue... this time the following teams will be imported:

* Israel
* Italy
* Canada
* Latvia
* Lithuania
* Luxembourg
* Netherlands
* Norway
* Austria

UPDATE 2024-04-13 / 11:39 pm:

The remaining photos are currently being imported. All photos from the event are now online.

Link to the gallery: