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News from 13.01.2024
Photo: Age Class 13/14 of the SC Cottbus gymnastics team at the Deutschlandpokal Herbolzheim 2023
Photo: Age Class 13/14 of the SC Cottbus gymnastics team at the Deutschlandpokal Herbolzheim 2023

As we have recently been receiving more and more questions about when which photos will be online, here is a brief overview.

We do what we can, but please understand that at the end of the day we are just two individuals. We have been working seven days a week for countless months, often 10 to 14 hours a day. In the meantime, a certain exhaustion is becoming noticeable.

We ourselves also feel uncomfortable when you have to wait so long for the photos and understand your displeasure. But at the end of the day: Quality Matters.

You want the photos to look good and we don't want to offer "crap". Alternatively, we would have to provide the photos completely unedited. That would of course be much quicker and a lot less work for us. But then most of the photos won't look the way you currently get them.

The fact is, we have to change something. We are also aware of this because, on the one hand, we simply can't keep up with the work and, on the other hand, we generate so little turnover that it is now problematic to even cover our costs due to the increased prices on everything (let's not even talk about making a living). However, we have not yet found a solution.

Which events are now fully online?

  • Deutsche Jugendmeisterschaften Dillingen 2023 (26.200 Photos)
  • egWohnen Juniors Trophy 2023 (20.391 Photos)
  • Roma Junior Diving Cup 2023 (22.814 Photos)
  • International Diving Meet Graz (36.884 Photos)
  • Deutschlandpokal Herbolzheim 2023 (28.800 Photos)
  • Italian Championships Diving 2023 (22.500 Photos)
  • Austrian Future Cup 2023 (28.500 Photos)

It is currently being processed:

  • All events from 2023 are online

Events that are currently uncertain for processing (due to massive time problems):

Photos of individual participants can be processed and provided individually in response to specific requests.
Please simply send an e-mail via the contact form or via the e-mail addresses known to you.

  • Österreichische Staatsmeisterschaften 2023 in Diving
  • Finals of the Deutsche Turnliga and Nachwuchsbundesliga Neu-Ulm 2023

UPDATE 2023-12-12 / 2:13 am:
* Deutschlandpokal Herbolzheim: AC 9 / 10 is currently importing
-> in progress: AC 11 / 12, next: AC 13 to AC 18  

UPDATE 2023-12-19 / 10:14 pm:
* Deutschlandpokal Herbolzheim: Age Class 11 / 12 is currently importing
-> in progress: AC 13 to 14, next: AC 15 to AC 18  

UPDATE 2024-01-05 / 3:34 pm:
* Deutschlandpokal Herbolzheim: Age Class 13 / 14 is currently importing
-> in progress: AC 15 to 18

UPDATE 2024-01-13 / 9:29 pm:
* Deutschlandpokal Herbolzheim: Age Classes 15 to 18 are currently importing  

UPDATE 2024-01-14 / 2:00 pm:
* Deutschlandpokal Herbolzheim is completely online 

UPDATE 2024-02-22 / 3:00 pm:
* Italian Championships Age Classes C1 to C3 is completely online

UPDATE 2024-03-17 / 9:00 pm:
* All photos of the Austrian Future Cup 2023 are online.