Austrian Future Cup 2022 and other Events

News from 09.12.2022
Photo: TV Schwäbisch-Gmünd/Wetzgau after the DTL Finals 2022 in Ulm
Photo: TV Schwäbisch-Gmünd/Wetzgau after the DTL Finals 2022 in Ulm

We were on the road in the last weeks and months on very many events and therefore have a traffic jam in the processing and publication of the photos made. In addition, we have been absent for a long time due to illness.

To give a short overview, which events are still "open" with us and when to expect the upload of the photos:

  • Deutschlandpokal Cottbus 2022
    We are currently in the process of editing the photos. The Age Class 11 / 12 will be uploaded during the weekend, Age Class 13 to 18 we want to finish sorting, editing and make available online before Christmas.

  • Austrian Future Cup 2022
    Due to illness, only one photographer was at the Future Cup 2022. The photos will be sorted and edited after the Deutschlandpokal 2022. The photos should still be online in January 2023.

  • DTL-Finale Nachwuchsbundesliga 2022
    The photos will follow after the Austrian Future Cup 2022, the processing should go quickly. These photos will also be online in all probability in January 2023.

  • European Championships Munich 2022, DTL-Bundesliga and DTL-Finals Bundesliga 2022
    As before, these photos are only available upon request of the corresponding gymnastics federation or the corresponding gymnast.

  • International Diving Meet Graz 2022
    Unfortunately we have to postpone the photos of the Diving Meet due to time and organizational reasons. We are sorry that the event had to be put back again and again, but this year we were unplanned very involved in other events, so that there were always delays. We apologize for that. There are only two of us and in the meantime we normally work 7 days a week. However, at some point our capacities are exhausted. We do what we can. The photos will come, we hope that it will be at the latest in February 2023.