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2023 - Trofeo Giovanissimi Finale

2023 - Trofeo Giovanissimi Finale Коллекция фотографий

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From 14 to 16 July 2023, the final competitions of the Italian divers in the C1 to C3 age groups took place in Riccione.

* Campionato Italiano Esordienti C1
* Finale Trofeo Giovanissimi C2
* Finale Esordienti C3

In Riccione in Emilia-Romagna, beautifully situated on the Adriatic coast, the final competitions of the C1 to C3 age groups were held in high temperatures. In the well-organised event, the finalists of the various age groups competed against each other in the 1 metre, 3 metre and (except for age group C3) and the platform competitions. The atmosphere was cheerful and warm, the mood was excellent and the competitions ran smoothly and professionally.

It was our first time at this wonderful event, which we really enjoyed. Unfortunately, the processing of the photos took an extremely long time due to the large number of events in 2023, so we were only able to put the photos online now, six months after the event. As always, the excellent quality of the photos hopefully makes up for the long wait.

The photos of the participants in age group C3 are password-protected. Parents can request the password from us by email.