Turnen21 got cancelled

Новости о 22.04.2021

The Corona pandemic and the resulting effects continue to leave clear traces in Germany's sporting landscape: Today we received the news that the multi-sport event Turnen21 has also been cancelled. The event was scheduled to take place in Leipzig from 13.05. to 16.05.2021, including the German Championships and German Youth Championships in artistic gymnastics. For all the athletes who have spent months preparing for this event, the cancellation is of course a bitter setback. But the current situation unfortunately does not allow sporting events in the competitive sports sector either.

We have been following the championships for more than 10 years now, documenting the athletes' sporting achievements and making our photos available to other media. Due to the cancellations of sporting events caused by Corona, we have not documented any major sporting event for over a year now, with the exception of the 2020 Deutschlandpokal, and therefore cannot offer any new photos. As sports photographers, we became literally unemployed overnight and have remained in this position since March 2020.

We miss the events, the connection and contact to the sport, the atmosphere at the events and of course our work as photographers. What remains is the uncertainty of when and if it can continue at all. So for us, too, the only thing left is to wait and hope.

In any case, we wish all athletes, coaches, helpers, supporters and their families all the best. Stay healthy!