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International Diving Meet Graz 2019

International Diving Meet Graz 2019 Raccolta di foto di un partecipante

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International Diving Meet Graz 2019

The International Diving Meet Graz is an international Competition in Diving Sports for the Youth from Age Class C to Age Class A and Seniors. This means, boys and girls from 12 and older can show their talents, compete and learn from each others and just have fun together. The International Diving Meet is an Outdoor-Diving Event organized by GAK Diving. It was a very nice event and we hope to be there again in the next year.
Like on many other events we were taking pictures of all competitions and tried to capture what happens around the event.

All photos in the galleries are sorted by nations and age classes that have participated in the competition. All photos are manually edited, sorted and uploaded. As always we offer photo sets from this competition.