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2019 - Alpe Adria Trieste

2019 - Alpe Adria Trieste Raccolta di foto di un partecipante

Una raccolta con tutte le foto di un partecipante di questo evento come download digitale, CD o su una chiavetta USB!

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Alpe Adria Trieste 2019

Every year in December the Alpe Adria Tournament starts with the competitions in Trieste, so also in 2019. The Alpe Adria Tournament is a series of 4 annual events in water diving, which take place in Trieste, Graz, Zadar and Zagreb respectively.

Having already photographed the events in Zadar, Graz and Zagreb, we were now in Trieste for the first time and experienced a beautiful, well-organised event in a warm, family atmosphere.

Unfortunately, this time the series of events of the Alpe Adria Tournament could not take place completely, as the events in Zadar and Zagreb had to be cancelled due to the Corona epidemic.

As usual, we have sorted the photos by nations, age groups and names. Photo sets can also be ordered again.

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