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2018 - Roma Junior Diving Cup 2018

2018 - Roma Junior Diving Cup 2018 Raccolta di foto di un partecipante

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Roma Junior Diving Cup 2018

Summer in Rome, over 30 °C every day. The best conditions for the eighth edition of the Trofeo Niccolo Campo, which was also held for the first time under the name Roma Junior Diving Cup. Organised by Nicola, Tommaso and Maria Marconi, themselves divers of the Italian national team, divers from Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Bulgaria and Kuwait of the age groups C (12/13 and younger), B (14/15) and A (16 to 18) met for a sportive comparison.
The Marconi family and all their supporters and helpers again did a great job in organising this wonderful event with 20 competitions in 3 days, including an award ceremony with medals, certificates and gifts after each competition.

For the fifth time we were in Rome to photograph this beautiful event. All photos are sorted by age group and within the galleries the photos are sorted by athlete to make it easier to find them.
As usual, it is also possible to order photo sets of individual athletes.