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2021 - DJM Halle

2021 - DJM Halle Raccolta di foto di un partecipante

Una raccolta con tutte le foto di un partecipante di questo evento come download digitale, CD o su una chiavetta USB!

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Halle, June 2021

Sporting events in Corona times - a difficult matter.
After the big International German Gymnastics Festival in Leipzig planned for 13-16 May 2021 with 80,000 athletes had to be cancelled already in October 2020 due to the Corona pandemic and the scaled-down replacement event "Turnen21" with 9 German Championships (in 5 sports) and an Olympic qualification could not take place due to Corona either, it was still possible for the German Youth Championships to take place thanks to the Landesturnverband Sachsen-Anhalt. The venue was Halle, where the German Youth Championships had already taken place in 2018.

This event was also marked by the pandemic and so unfortunately no spectators were allowed, masks had to be worn and negative Corona tests had to be presented. The procedures were also adapted to the Corona conditions. But thanks to the great organisation by the organiser, the event ran smoothly on all days.

As always for the past 11 years, we again accompanied the DJM photographically, for the 12th time in the meantime. There are photos of all participants, except for those who did not give us permission to take photos.
So, if someone misses his photos, he is welcome to contact us. As soon as we have the photo permission in writing, the photos will be submitted. We will send out a form for this purpose.

As usual, photo sets of individual participants can be ordered, which contain all photos of this athlete during the entire event and are usually cheaper than the purchase of individual photos.

We hope for numerous orders, as this is the only way we will be able to overcome the economic consequences of the Corona pandemic and continue to offer our service in the future.

Have fun browsing through the galleries!