Austrian Indor Championships Vienna 2023

Notizie della 05.05.2023

(Photo: Ádám shows a Forward 1,5 Somersault Pike from 3 meters)

Austrian Indoor Championships Vienna 2023

The photos of the Austrian Indoor Championships Vienna 2023 are now finished and will be uploaded later this evening.
The photos are as always sorted by participants, photo sets can also be ordered again.

Link to the gallery:

International Diving Meet 2022

These photos have also been online for some time.
Maybe this just got lost, because the sorting of the galleries is done alphabetically by year and not by date of upload.
Since we have hardly received any orders so far, we have unfortunately not been able to cover the pure costs for the event so far.
So we would be very happy to receive more orders.

Link to the gallery:

For those interested:
For those who have always wondered why it always takes so long to get the photos from an event online:
When we are back from an event, first of all all photos are copied to the local data medium. Then we create the directories of all participants based on the result lists and sort the photos. This is a manual process. For each day of the event, you can calculate about one complete working day just for the pre-sorting.
After that, the sifting and processing of all photos begins. Depending on the amount of work involved, 60-80 working hours can be expected per 10,000 photos. Once this is done, the photos have to be prepared for upload, uploaded and imported into the galleries. This also takes several hours. In short, an event like the International Diving Meet requires more than 400 hours of work.