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2023 - International Diving Meet Graz

2023 - International Diving Meet Graz Photo Set

A photo set with all photos of a participant from this event as a digital download, CD or on a USB stick!

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International Diving Meet Graz 2023

The International Diving Meet Graz celebrated its anniversary this year. For the 25th time, this outstanding event took place in diving for the youth nationally and internationally. The meet was founded 25 years ago by Hugo Schuster and has since achieved a high level of international recognition, which is why athletes from numerous nations take part in the competition every year. However, there has been one change since this year: now that Hugo Schuster has taken a well-deserved retirement, the event is now organised by the two chairwomen Angela Passenbrunner and Agnes Sigmond and their team, who did an excellent job at their premiere.

This year the following nations took part in the competition:

Denmark, Germany (consisting of divers from Halle, Leipzig and Dresden), Croatia, Norway, Switzerland, Turkiye, Hungary and the host Austria. A special greeting goes from us to the team from the Ukraine, which was able to take part despite the difficult time there.

Summer, heat, sunshine?
The weather at this year's International Diving Meet in Graz was very moody and changeable.
During the competition days there were always sunny moments, but the amount of rain that fell was a little surprising at this time of year. On the second day of training, the athletes not only had to deal with the pitfalls of the sport at times in fresh temperatures around 14 °C in the intense rain, but also try to warm up occasionally. How good that there are the heat showers in the outdoor area.

We and our photo equipment also got quite a bit of the rain. While we put up with the wetness and the freezing, the technology was rather less enthusiastic about the conditions, so we had to improvise again and again. In the end, we captured all the competitions despite difficult conditions at times.

Because we were exceptionally present on the preparation days, there were far too many photos this time. There is practically no diver with less than 300 photos. Exceptions prove the rule, of course, but this only applies to participants who did not start in all the competitions or, as in some individual cases, did not take part in any competitions at all and only did their daily training routine..

Despite all this, the mood during the competitions was good. Who would let a little rain spoil their mood?

As always, there are photo sets of all participants, which are particularly extensive this time. We would be pleased about numerous orders, even if, as almost always, the processing took a little longer.

We were at other events almost immediately after the event, so it took us almost a month to start sorting and processing the photos. And since ALL the photos were manually sifted, sorted and also digitally post-processed, it took a little while. But as with all our events, the quality of the photos is excellent.

If individual participants are missing, please let us know via the contact form.