Minor technical problems...

Новости о 03.01.2021

We have encountered a few minor technical problems, but these have been fixed in the meantime.

The biggest problem was that a photoset always had 0 bytes when it was downloaded. The problem was solved, it was due to a wrong setting in the configuration and should now be fixed.

There was another problem right at the start of the new shop system: we redirected the domains from the old to the new server, but the changeover took 24 hours, so that sometimes the old site was displayed, sometimes the new site, depending on which internet provider you used. This should also have been resolved by now. The error was beyond our control and is due to the structure of the internet.

Numerous minor bugs have also been fixed, but had no effect on orders. As with almost every new system, there are minor problems at the beginning, which will be fixed gradually.

If you notice any problems, we apologise and would appreciate a short feedback so that we can fix the error as soon as possible.