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2022 - Österr. Staatsmeisterschaft Raccolta di foto di un partecipante

Una raccolta con tutte le foto di un partecipante di questo evento come download digitale, CD o su una chiavetta USB!

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In the past there were misunderstandings when publishing our photos.

We explicitly point out that a publication of our photos is only allowed after prior consultation.

However, there is one exception:
The athletes who can be seen in the respective photo may use their photos privately without restriction within their social media accounts or similar online as well as offline. However, we ask that the author of the photos (author: be indicated.

The athletes' club may also use photos on its website for reporting purposes, provided that there is an editorial purpose and no commercial purpose is pursued with the publication. Here, too, we ask that the author of the photos (author: be indicated.

Journalistic media may acquire photos for editorial purposes, provided that the reporting fits the context of the photos. Publication outside the sporting context is not permitted or requires prior consultation with us.