International Junior Team Cup Berlin 2022

Notizie della 29.05.2022

Photo: Medal from the International Junior Team Cup Berlin 2022

After a two-year break, the International Junior Team Cup 2022 finally took place again.
Almost 120 athletes in the age groups 12 to 18 from 19 countries accepted the invitation to Berlin and took part in the competition, which took place on 29 and 30 April at the Sportforum Hohenschönhausen.
On Friday, a total of 30 teams competed in the all-around competition, and on Saturday, the 6 best athletes in each age group competed again for medals on the individual apparatus.

We were on site for the 12th time as photographers and accompanied the teams on all competition days.

We are currently (as of 01.05.2022) reviewing the raw data, sorting them by name and will then digitally process and optimise the images. This will take a few days. As soon as the first photos are online, we will provide the link here as usual.

As usual, there will be photo sets for the individual participants in addition to all the individual photos.

Update 1 (2022-05-06 / 7 p. m.):
The first photos will be online soon.
General Photos, all Victory Ceremonies (sorted), all Team Photos, Team Belgium 1 and 2:

Update 2 (2022-05-11 / 12 p. m.):
Photos of all german teams are online (Team Germany, Team NTB, Team SC Berlin, Team Cottbus, Single Starters).
From 12th to 16th of May we are photographing another events, so we cannot edit and update more photos within these days. New uploads (in that order: France, Great Britain, Iceland and Israel etc.) will be available around middle to end of next week.

Update 3 (2022-05-19 / 7 p. m.):
All photos of Team France, Team Lyon and Team Great Britain will be online tonight.
More photos of the other teams will be uploaded in the next days...

Update 4 (2022-05-23 / 9 p. m.):
We are currently working numerous overtime hours to bring the photos online one by one.
In the current upload batch there will be the photos of the following nations: Iceland, Israel, Italy, Catalonia and Luxembourg.
More teams will follow in the coming days...

Update 5 (2022-05-26 / 1 a. m.):
The next teams will be online soon: Netherlands  (3 Teams), Norway and Austria.
More teams will follow in the coming days...

Final Update 6 (2022-05-29 / 10.30 p. m.):
We finally made it! All photos of the event are online soon.