International Dive Meet 2022

Notizie della 29.06.2022

Two unbelievably intensive working weeks are behind us: First we were at the Austrian State and Youth Championships in Diving, followed by the International Dive Meet 2022 without a gap.

Thanks to a puncture on our vehicle, the return journey of 16 hours became an ordeal for us. While overtaking a truck on the motorway, one of our rear tyres burst. Thanks to the prudent lorry driver, who immediately reduced his speed and slowed down the further traffic behind, we were at least able to drive onto the hard shoulder without any accidents or injuries and wait for the ADAC. The rest of the return journey with the spare wheel took us along the country and village roads of the Czech Republic due to the shorter distance in terms of kilometres. At 35 degrees. With a non-functioning, defective air-conditioning system. But still better than crawling along the motorway at 80 and sweating in an incubator with permanent sun.

So be it. Of course, this damage also threw our schedule completely out of whack, because we had to take the car to the workshop and couldn't take care of the photos.

As of today, we are already on the road again, to another big event. As soon as we are back, we will.... stop, then another event will follow 3 days later. But once we've got that behind us, we'll get straight to work on the first photos from the State Championships.

Please be patient. As always, it will be worth it as soon as the photos are in.

A more detailed report - and a photo - will also follow here.